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Group Health, Safety and Environment

Digmin Group implemented a formalised, standardised health, safety and environmental system in 2010. The objective was to implement an integrated system which could be used within the entire Group. This system was based on local as well as international standards. During the last eight years we have continuously revised the SHEQ System for improvements to include different aspects and standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18001. Before commencement of any new Project, assessments are done to identify and assess all relevant HSEC legislation, regulations, approvals, licenses, permits and other requirements for the specific region. It is the vision of Digmin to deliver customer value faster and better than our competitors while managing and maintaining our SHEQ System in order to ensure zero harm to any person or the environment throughout all our operating units. We have an honorable obligation and responsibility to all our employees, clients, subcontractors, visitors and communities.

The indicators we are most proud of is the fact that to date the group has had 0 Fatalities, 0 Disabling Injuries since inception. This tells us that we are on the right track, focusing on the essential things that are important.

Aiming for Zero Harm means that everything that we do must ensure that preventing fatalities are our number one priority and no lifesaving rule must be sacrificed for profit and/or production. Even though we have achieved a remarkable record so far, we should continually strive for less and less injuries in order to get closer to our goal of zero harm.



It is becoming more evident that mining and construction activities have a significant impact on our environment and our communities. Digmin, therefor continues to improve and develop a culture of environmental awareness and community health and safety to minimize impacts such as emissions, effluents / hazardous chemicals and waste.

The group’s environmental system forms part of the integrated HSE system and is
based on ISO 14001:2004. Apart from legislation and internal standards, the group
adopts clients’ environmental requirements on site, including stringent standards in most sectors, especially in mining.

For new projects and sites, the risks and opportunities inherent to each potential project are identified at the tendering phase of a project. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several categories, including energy use and air quality, these milestones become our ultimate responsibility to ensure contribution to the highest possible achievements on every project.

Policies and Procedures

All Safety Procedures and Policies are currently revised annually. Although Business units work independently, Digmin Group Internal HSE System is mandatory for all sites, used to enforce zero harm to our employees, contractors, environment and communities affected by our operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Communities where we work

The Digmin Group respectfully embrace the communities where we work. Through our delivery services to clients in various regions and countries we have been able to impart valuable skills through community employment and training, by outsourcing valuable opportunities to small local businesses, and by contributing to community social upliftment together with our clients.


Our People

Our people are part of the family. Our company’s culture is deeply rooted in a serious commitment to each other, to our values and to serving our clients. We believe a successful company starts with the individual.

Through our Employment Equity and Skills Development programs we provide for equal opportunities to progress within the group.

Today we are a multi-ethnic group of experienced Africans dedicated to providing a professional service delivery to our clients operating in South Africa and Africa.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and shareholders. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honourable conduct.

The Digmin Group is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We remain committed to Planet, People and Profit

Group Sustainability Model

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