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About Us

Digmin is a “broad based mining and civil engineering group” operating in South Africa and Africa, focused on surface mining, bulk earthworks and infrastructure development.

We are a two-generation family business with shareholders and partnerships in various African countries. Our team of people whom we have nurtured over 30 years have collectively contributed to the growth and success of the business.

Our leadership are captains of industry supported by a project management team who have spent 3 decades together successfully delivering complex projects in the public, private and mining space across Africa. Through our delivery services to clients in various regions and countries we have been able to impart valuable skills through community employment and training and affording small local businesses valuable opportunities in the supply side, plus contributing to community social upliftment together with our clients in the areas where we work.

Our Mission

“As a community we strive to serve a meaningful service and a successful delivery together to our clients”

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Our Services

Our services incorporate surface mining, mine and public infrastructure development, bulk earthworks and civils.

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Our Capabilities

Digmin’s rapid growth is led by a formidable team of professionals. Together the team have successfully delivered on highly complex projects in some of the most remote and challenging countries in Africa.

Our Plant

Our Plant

Bamboo Rock Plant, a subsidiary of the Digmin Group, is dedicated to fleet asset management and turnkey mining and construction plant services to the Group. Our fleet consists of over 120 first to mid-life units backed by leading OEMs.

People Leading our Company

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Available positions

Join the Team

We’re always excited to add new talent to our company. We need people who are driven and want to make a significant difference to the business, love the challenges and push hard towards building stronger communities. At our roots, we’re a big family that looks out for one another so that we can all be proud of our achievements and who we are.

When a new member comes on board we provide the same commitment that our employees have given to us year after year. We want to build a united family with a common goal to push our company to new heights and share in the rewards.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We’re always looking for great talent! Please email us the position you’re interested in and a resumé with past experience.

Value Proposition

Years of experience backed by a fleet of young-life leading brand equipment positions our group  with a strategic advantage to deliver “economic value”.

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