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Contract Mining Services

Digmin executive and senior management have successfully completed numerous surface mining and infrastructure development projects across the African Continent.

Projects include hard rock and coal strip mining operations, mine infrastructure development, waste storage facilities and mine rehabilitation for Tier 1 clients which include Shanta Gold, Exxaro, BHP Billiton (BECSA), Xstrata, Total Coal, Seriti Coal, Randgold and Canyon Coal.

The Directors at Digmin have also owned their own coal mining assets in previous years and mined coal on an owner/operator basis. We believe in leading OEM equipment brands to support such mining operations which allow for maximum availability and production call volumes to be achieved on a constant basis.

Our Approach and Value Proposition

Contract mining. Improving mining efficiency. Managing risk.

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We are pleased to mention our most recent award for the infrastructure and surface mining contract for Theta Gold Mines in Pilgrims Rest, South Africa. We continue to serve leading consultants around the world which include Minxcon, Hatch, Amec, GRES, DRA, SRK, Sound Mining, HATCH, Bara Consulting, CSA Global, and Oreology.

Our commitment to Human Scale Development in the areas where we work has a proven track record of integrating local communities into the contract resource requirements to achieve maximum local economic upliftment through employment and extensive training programmes and community development projects.

In Mbeya, Tanzania we employed and trained over 300 local people, the employees were then migrated over to Shanta Gold on hand over after a six-year mining contract in 2018.

In South Africa with our JV partners we have recruited and are currently training 201 people from the local community on our Exxaro’s Belfast Coal Mining Contract.

Kriel Rehabilitation Contract for Seriti afforded us the opportunity to recruit 81 local community members.

The Digmin Group is also proud to mention that we have an exemplary Health & Safety record across all contracts current and completed

Committed to planet, people and profit

Reputation is everything

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